Sarah Delicate

As a founding partner of Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD), a consulting firm based in Ottawa Canada, Sarah Delicate works as a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Sarah has worked with 1000’s of people across 100’s of organizations, helping programs thrive in tough, outcome-based competitive environments. Whether you are Government or a nonprofit, Sarah’s high energy delivery style will convince you that this outcome-based stuff is not just doable, but critical.

Angela Hoyt

Angela Hoyt is the President and founder of Evolution Group; a niche organizational development consulting firm that specializes in outcome-based employment services, performance management and measurement and strategic and operational planning.

She brings over 25 years of experience working in community employment services including fifteen years working on various projects with the Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU), most recently Employment Ontario. Angela has proven experience in employment services, leading transformation programs for the Government of Ontario Ministries and consulting/training third party service providers and government employees to achieve extraordinary results.

Christine Brown-Read

With expertise in Human Resource Management and Service Quality Improvement, Christine is a certified facilitator and Winslow Assessment Consultant supporting clients to select, on-board and develop their teams.  A consultant with BBMD Consulting, Christine is a curriculum developer and trainer, and has provided virtual supports to over 100 EOES agencies. Christine develops, delivers and moderates e-learning programs for BBMD Consulting Inc. to agencies across Canada.

Recognizing the importance of enhanced job development strategies in serving employers and job seekers, particularly those with barriers, Christine currently offers support and expertise to Evolution Group Inc.’s online learning program.   Her background in Human Resource management and Service Quality Improvement in the private sector provides a unique perspective to our clients

Christine is the principal of Click Learning Online  specializing in the development of e-learning programs for the employment service sector.

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton is Solution-Focused Counsellor and Trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. While he works with a wide range of counselling issues, he specializes in working with Canadian Forces members who are transitioning into civilian employment due to injury or disease. Richard’s upbeat and humorous presentation style is always a favourite.